A piece of me;)

My name is Sophia and I like to go by my pen name, Sophia Finch Malfoy. I got the name by putting the names of my two favorite literary characters of all time, Jeremy Atticus Finch and Draco Malfoy, together.

My interests range from reading, listening to and playing music and watching football. I do love reading a lot, and my favorite authors are (predictably) Harper Lee, JK Rowling, Sophie Kinsella, J.D Salinger, George Bernard Shaw (well technically he’s more of a playwright) Meg Cabot and Cassandra Claire. Yes, I know, I read A LOT of Chick lit! I also love music, having played the piano since I was 4. I enjoy listening to classical music, (relatively) old music, Spanish and French music, and songs from musicals! My favorite artists of all time are Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Beatles, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. I spend quite a bit of time listening to Sam Smith and Michael Bublé as well. As for football, I am a MADRIDISTA. I love Real Madrid, I have always tried to catch their matches and I hope to see them live one day! I am an immense fan of Cristiano Ronaldo; he has a commendable work ethic and loads and loads of talent.

I also write for my own newsletter. Check it out here: therollingtongue.com

I think that’s pretty much all i can share. Wait. AND I LOVE FOOD AND TRAVELLING!

Check out my travel blog:



C’est tout. Au revoir pour maintenant! Sophia xoxoxo


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