Rational love

Rational love

I believe in rational love.

In fact, what is love, but the body’s chemical response when it sees a potential mate?

I believe in rational love, because I honestly don’t see how love is truly romantic/irrational/by chance. I think that we get this chemical response because this “mate” possesses the attributes that make one desirable. We tend to think that love is unexpected. The “oh my gosh I slowly fell in love with this girl/boy”. but honestly, think about it. You fell in “love” because you realised how pretty/funny/smart/principled/talented/suitable a person is, and thus your body, feeling that perhaps this person would be a good mate, releases the chemicals that make love, love.

When someone likes somebody else, this is because that someone believes whoever he/she likes possess the traits that he/she can appreciate. If someone doesn’t like another person back, it means that their expectations/criteria (I’m talking about the subconscious here) do not match.

So, I believe in rational love.


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