Sleeping soon, but I’m waiting to feel a little bit better before I sleep as I just drank a lot of water and now I’m really bloated. So I thought that while I wait, I should share a positive message to you, my readers.

I went to school today and I was quite shocked by how stressed certain people looked. They looked simply like a shell of themselves. I know it’s normal to be stressed during exam periods, but since stress is already a given, it’s more important to not make ourselves feel the effects of the stress. I mean stress is like this constant thing hanging over you, along with, for some people like myself, feelings of doom. So, DON’T STRESS. Don’t let stress get to you! I HAVE CONFIDENCE that you will do FABULOUSLY! Don’t ask me how, I know you can! Ok now that I think of it I think it’s somewhat strange that I’m telling people not to be stressed during this period, but I think encouragement can make yall feel better 🙂 Like be stressed because of the exams, not because of other factors, yea?

Anyway, just rememeber:

Don’t think about how hard other people are working. You may already have a solid foundation that they do not have. Besides, everyone’s definition of hard work differs. Just believe in what you do, and that what you do will be sufficient to face the paper.

Don’t be stressed out thinking about the mistakes that you’ve made, which you’ve figured through comparing answers with people. They don’t know the right answers, so hey, you might be correct while they aren’t!

Don’t be stressed all the time because it can put you in such a scary, frenzied stage making you feel that everything is futile. For the first week of IB I was like that because I didn’t prepare myself to deal with the pressures and stuff. I even cried on the first day and couldn’t stop googling “how to retake the IB” and “Do universities care about IB retakes?”. It’s really futile, it disrupts you momentum and don’t waste precious time crying.

Don’t lament over time lost watching videos and stuff. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you need a break. Just imagine if you can re-do the day. It’s unlikely that you’ll find it easy sitting on a chair for 8-10 hours and doing work non-stop.

Don’t think about IAs having the potential to affect your grades. What’s done is done. It’s more important to focus on the paper at hand because it can pull your overall grades up. But of course, no pressure 🙂

Don’t be careless. It’s no excuse. Being careless is no different from not knowing how to do. Lose marks because you don’t know how to do, and not because of that negative sign you overlooked.

And lastly, know that no one can every finish preparing.


I guess I just feel better after MY week of HELL, which was last week. Feeling motivated for Math and Chem. They are sure going to be interesting papers!





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