Just some thoughts

Just some thoughts

Taking a break from math, and having a few thoughts about things

It’s ridiculous how much I think about you.

But I take comfort in the knowledge that my grades suffered little because of you. Besides all that uneasiness and lovesickness, I don’t think I spend all my time hankering over you.

I can’t wait to go for Choir chalet, and I’m pretty sure there’s one this year. I really miss my choir mates.

I wish I can be more on-task but sigh I guess it’s math that always drives me to procrastinate. Maybe I should go to the airport to study tomorrow.

I wish I could stop thinking about the types of letters that I’m going to write for my mates, and for you. Geez, it was meant to be a motivation for me to study, as something to look forward to. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. Study hard now and enjoy writing later…

Just need to get you out of my head, it’s so futile and useless. I hope I fall in love with someone who will reciprocate next year. In fact, I wish that IBs would finish soon cuz then I can go overseas/read books/write/take new courses that will surely let me forget about you. It’s proximity bro, proximity.

Why do I think about you so much anyway? Sigh pies, to hell with biology and evolution (ok I take that back I do want the human race to succeed.)

I hope I don’t let myself down for Chem and Math COME ON FAV SUBJECTS LET’S GO! ❤

Now back to work…


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