On Calypso’s Island

On Calypso’s Island

Part 1

In a place not known to man

never seen by mortals

she waited.

Someone, something

to make a heart flit

just like the sun dancing across the horizon

warming the coldest of winter nights.

There she waits, frozen

of courage, Of fear, of-



Part 2

He came in the middle of the night

like a dream, for she was sure

this is a land no man finds.

She wakes, he is still there.

He says he has sailed a thousand miles.

He is wet, disheveled.

She does not know what to think.


Part 3

Sitting by a fire, he talks about dear Penelope.

She talks about the man whose touch she will never feel

She sees the fire flickering

or does she?


Part 4

He departs.

She was no Penelope, after all. 


Part 5

Don’t listen to the myths about Calypso and Odysseus.

There was no Calypso and Odysseus. 

It was just Calypso, and the man who will never be hers.


There Calypso sits, still waiting.

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