Coincidence? A list of unplanned meetings

Coincidence? A list of unplanned meetings

For the umpteenth time, I ran into someone from school while I was out. It’s quite surprising that while my school has only 80 people, we run into each other all the time. Gee, my secondary school had 400 people and I’ve only run into people I know once or twice. It’s quite funny (and shocking), really, so I’ve decided to compile a list of coincidental meetings with people from SJI. Surprisingly, there seems to be this profound love SJI kids have for Somerset, so this post will be categorized into three parts: Somerset (meeting SJI kids with Eugenia and Sandra), other places  (meeting SJI kids) and odd meetings with non-SJI people. Since most of these meetings (in Somerset) happen when I’m hanging out with Eugenia and Sandra, this particular section will be centered on all OUR meetings.  These are all from our memories anyway, so some dates might be wrong. 


  1. Saturday 24th September: Sandra, Eugenia and I met Odette, Johnny, Ysabel, Cordy, Lucas and gang near Ollie coffee (Orchard gateway). They were there celebrating Cordy’s and Johnny’s  (belated) birthdays. I think they went to Saizeriya although I couldn’t be sure.
  2. Saturday 24th September: Sandra and I met James while we were heading to 313 from Orchard Gateway. He was with his girlfriend. It was quite a shock because Eugenia had a bet that we would meet someone from school and I was like “no way, the probability is 0”, so it’s quite funny that we would meet 2 separate groups of people on the same day. As I sit writing here at Starbucks, Orchard Gateway, I wonder if I’ll meet someone else. It’s late, however, so it’s unlikely.
  3. Unspecified date: It would be a stretch to call this a “meeting”, but we were at the same place. I was walking to Orchard Central for dinner with my family at the Dancing Crab and I received a text from Johnny saying that he saw me walking past while I was in the 313/OC region. He left soon afterwards for Cineleisure so I did not get to say hello.
  4. Unspecified date: Sandra, Eugenia, Matthew and I were at Trattoria(I know there’s not point calling an Italian trattoria a trattoria but I have no idea what it’s called) celebrating Godknowswhat. I remember this as the seafood-tagliatelle-day. Anyway, as we were chatting away, I saw two groups of people. First, we saw Andre, Valerie, Jas. Next, we saw Joseff, Ally (?) and co. It was quite surprising.


  1. Unspecified date: I was walking along Haji lane as I was finding a nice café to wait for my mother. I was just walking, wearing my school uniform, when I bumped into Jeremiah and Odette, who were buying Natasha’s birthday present. It was truly a pleasant surprise. I entered my first ever non-food shop in that 5 minutes I spent with them. 
  2. Lots of dates: I always meet Melanie and Xinyi at Panopolis. It’s quite cool to study with other Josephians; they understand the pain of other IAs. 
  3. December 2015 (need to check): Again, this isn’t technically a “meeting”. I was heading to Darwin, Australia and apparently, Lucas Hsu was queuing behind me. Lucas said he repeatedly called my name but I didn’t turn around; I guess I was too busy talking/staring at the Darwin sportmen loading their bags or something. Or teasing my sister. Something like that. Quite sad though, we could have said “Hi” and talked a bit more about our trips. 



  1. November 2013: I met my senior, Goh Chong Han at Orange County, California. Yes, California. He was there as part of a tour, while I was there because it was close to Disneyland, Anaheim. It was so surprising because it was so many miles from home, and you still see someone there. And I wasn’t all together sure if it were him; we just stared at each other for a long long time, until his girlfriend texted me to ask if I were in California. Truly bizarre.
  2. November 2014: While volunteering at River Safari, I met my secondary 3 Biology and Co-form teacher, Mr See Kah Woon. He was there with his wife and son (can’t remember how many kids). It was quite interesting to meet him, and he was a great listener as well (as I recounted all my squirrel monkey facts!).
  3. June 2016: I met Xian Huan while going to tuition. Quite funny because we were both rushing so we basically had a 30-second conversation asking about each-other’s well-being. And I found out our moms are in the same dance troupe. LOL. 


Do you remember meeting me coincidentally at any time? Feel free to contribute to the list!


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