Man of the Match—Granit Xhaka

Man of the Match—Granit Xhaka

(Really short but superficial post coming up, apologies!)

As a girl, my liking for football is often met with skepticism. I’m always asked: do you like the game or the men? I do not have a definite answer to this question—it’s a combination of both—but I think it is impossible to like football without liking the game. I started calling myself a “fan” of football when I was 12, where I developed an immense crush on Cristiano Ronaldo. If asked for my favorite team, Real Madrid was always the answer; it’s the team both Ronaldo and Kaka belong to, and well, I love Ronaldo and Kaka (and their black curly locks, of course!). I was never really dedicated to the sport, never watched a single game, and didn’t even know what a penalty was. I called myself a “fan” on the basis that I found the players suave.

I think I’ve written in another post; I started truly liking football after the Fifa World Cup, where I found the games both exhilarating, and beautiful (thus, the beautiful game). Football and me—we are a match made in heaven. I love the players, but not as much as my love for the club (Real Madrid) and the game itself. It helps me relax, fill my days with excitement and make new friends! 🙂

I must say, though, that when one truly likes football as a game, the looks of players take a backseat. After all, I see loads and loads of male football players on my screen every day (each game has 22), and after a while, seeing people with good bodies becomes a norm. Nobody really stands out to you in terms of looks, and even with regards to players like Ronaldo, I would objectively feel that he’s good looking, but I no longer feel that swell of love when I develop a celebrity crush. A relationship with a football player is simple: you only like them if they have good skills, are willing to play well, are loyal, have a good attitude and are great team players. For instance, while James Rodriguez, Colombia’s Golden Boy is one of the best looking players of the game, with his baby face and wide smile, I like players such as Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos and Casemiro a whole lot more because they’ve been playing so much better than James lately (Casemiro is a total star!). After all, it should always be club above player, since players leave all the time and it would be silly to change teams every time they join a club. Besides, what would you do when they retire or join the MLS?

But I digress. I think it’s due to the fact that I hardly feel romantic feelings towards football players anymore, that I was rather surprised when I found a single player extremely good looking. He is: Granit Xhaka. He’s not particularly handsome in the conventional sense, but there is something about his looks and demeanor that fulfils every “ideal” I have. He’s just so…my type. I can never get tired looking at his face; it just makes me happier. His face hits my mate-finding receptors at all the right spots (I mean this in a biological way, of course). He’s to me, kind of my “perfect” guy, in terms of looks.

A little about Granit Xhaka: Xhaka is currently playing in Arsenal, my second favorite team (or favorite EPL team). He’s Kosovan-Albanian, but was raised in Switzerland due to what I believe are political issues regarding Kosovo and he now plays for the Swiss team. And he’s absolutely marvellous! Here are some pictures to illustrate my point:


Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 10.43.29 pm.png

That is him on the right. (seriously Arsenal cameras suck, there’s this weird blurry stuff near the top that’s really irking me.)

That is him playing for the swiss team. (Maybe it’s the cheekbones and bushy eyebrows.)

Xhaka back when he was playing for Möchengladbach.

So, that’s all! (Enough fangirling for now, back to work 😦 )

Sophia xoxoxo

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