My favorite plastic friend

My favorite plastic friend


What a funny word. Are you one?

Hmmm or “friend”?

Now, that’s more like it! 🙂 Ha. Ha. Ha

I’ve been thinking about it. I quite enjoy our fake friendship. Except the fact that you’re a bloody locked door and I have no idea who the f*ck has the key. Although the good thing is you’re not super good at concealing the fact that the lock has been placed there deliberately.

But it’s ok. It really is.

I was just thinking of writing a whole blog series about the man with the locked door. But I guess I’m not too keen of wasting genuine thought and energy on you. Keep it plastic, yea?

Ok. whatever.

P.S readers don’t be upset by this post, it’s angst driven, and the subject of this post does not even know I have a blog. After all, only friends know the existence of my blog 😉


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