Just a random thought.

I’m now sitting at Subway Niche, drinking a cup of nice, cold, bitter iced coffee. I am feeling a little peckish, but I can’t find something to eat. I look around me, at the glass cabinets and counter-top trays filled with cakes and other Malay/Nonya kuehs, and I can’t help but feel a shiver go through me. A few weeks ago, I would have been excited at the thought of Kueh Salat dissolving in my mouth into a nice pandan-flavored mess. Now, all I see is-


Yet, butter. The rich yellow color. I can almost see the oil in the dense cake. I really can’t help it, but butter makes me squirm. That nice, yellow, but also sinful and unhealthy cake. Oh God, you know how many calories there are in each bite?

Oh. My. God.

I think I’ve been changed irrevocably by my diet. Not that I’m unhappy about it actually; in fact, I’m quite pleased about it all. I hope this stays.



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