Am I reading this wrong, or-

Am I reading this wrong, or-

10 Most Instagrammable Food Places In Singapore

While browsing through yahoo news to me détendre, I came across the above article. I do hope the subtext of this post is to recommend places that serve food that is pretty (and thus enjoyable, since humans like pretty things), and not what the title says—instagrammable food.

I really cannot understand why anyone would travel and visit a café just to instagram it. Like, seriously. No hate or whatever, but go to a place because you like the food/like the experience/like the look of the food and not because you want to show off. Live for yourself, and not for your image/how you want other people to perceive you.

I sincerely do hope that “instagrammable” is another word for “aesthetically pleasing” because I hate to think how shallow people can be to simply visit a completely out-of-the-way place to take a picture. I do hope they are just there for the pretty food because it makes them happy. Eat, people. Eat.

Lastly, I hope the food tastes good. I mean, that’s what’s important, isn’t it?


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