Real Madrid Post—5 most “real madrid” players of the current squad

Real Madrid Post—5 most “real madrid” players of the current squad

So La Liga’s starting on Wednesday (which I’m not going to watch cuz, you know, priorities) but I thought it would be fun to do a Real Madrid-related post to celebrate the start of the season!

Anyway, this is my list of 5 most “real madrid”-ish players (I’m doing 5 cuz there aren’t that many players in the squad anyway). Real Madrid players who understand the Madrissimo spirit the most, are incredibly loyal, and whose names are just tied to the club. Players who will make me really sad when they leave one day (very likely due to retirement).

  1. Sergio Ramos—Omg this guy, our Capitán, he’s just so…Real Madrid. Like I cannot imagine him anywhere else. He plays with his heart on his sleeve. I don’t even want to imagine the day he retires (def at Madrid).  screen-shot-2015-11-22-at-20-40-25-1000x600
  2. Marcelo—Our vice capitán. Another precious, precious player who epitomizes the spirit of Madrissimo. Just watched a Real Madrid video on Marcelo, and I must say—this guy gives everything for the club.marcelo-real-madrid
  3. Pepe—our fighter. I really can’t see Pepe anywhere else. He’s our vice capitán too, and he’s just this constant figure, always there, reliable most of the time. It’s quite obvious from his viciousness (though this had improved) and his tears after UCL Final that he’s a blanco through and through. b89be3d17917d5f2ceec52020ab06d25
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo—our talisman. Cristiano became a football king at Man U, but he became a legend at Real. I think his stats speak for itself. 50+ goals every season? His Madrissimo spirit is so strong, just look at la remontada. Although I must say it’s very difficult for some people to really call him Madrissimo as he’s very individualistic and the lines do blur between club glory and personal glory. I wouldn’t go all cynical though; seeing his emotions during the Euro 16 Final really showed how he’s beyond capable of passion for a larger entity/club/country. 8d5ab2b1fecc361a9a0f6a7067007c38
  5. Modric—I was a bit hesitant to put his name, but he’s vital to Real and I think his name is increasingly becoming synonymous with Real Madrid. And he has been at Real Madrid for quite a long time, compared to many of the current squad. I just think it’s a little hard to think of him as someone who is completely madrissimo as he’s not Iberian and you know, just culture wise… real-madrid-midfielder-luka-modric

Those who almost made the list:

Varane—he has been here for a long long time but I think it’s too early to say he’s madrissimo. Plus, he’s always linked to other clubs.

Coentrão—I would put him in if not for the injuries and his loans.

Benzema—he’s always injured. IDK, he doesn’t exude the same madrissimo feel as those on the list. And the fact that he’s not exactly well-loved by “plastic” fans.

Those who may potentially enter the list:

Lucas Vásquez—this guy plays his heart out for the team. It’s so obvious; he’s constantly running, trying, making goals. He has won my heart over. I hope he stays.

Casemiro—a vital player. So. Damn. Reliable. He may be if he stays.


A note on James Rodríguez:

A year ago, I honestly thought he would one day be a Real Madrid great. His demeanor, sense of humor, playing, everything; it seemed as if he fit in really well. But I guess I got it all wrong. Everything’s different now.




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