This is amazing…

The carousel of memories

The other day in Chinese class, we were asked who was our favourite celebrity and why. Halsey was one of the first few names to came to mind, but at that time I couldn’t fully answer the questions. Having mulled over it, here’s my answer:

Halsey’s a fantastic entertainer, there’s no denying that. Halsey really puts her 110% into everything she does and you can see that shine through in her work. Her concerts are gold and her music videos are mind-blowing – just look at that plot twist in her latest ‘Colors‘ music video and I just loved the way she foreshadowed the ending of the MV by tweeting a snippet of the colors MV with her song ‘Strange Love’ in the background. I really really want to go for her concert and I really hope I can cross that off my bucket list one day (here’s me lamenting how…

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