My sentiments exactly… reminds me of my internship @ Harry E hahhaa

The carousel of memories

It’s been an extremely fulfilling but tiring past three weeks, with the JC law programme commencing just when school ended and then immediately after, the Asean Para Games.

The law programme was actually more fun than I had expected, with me gaining new friends as well. I was attached to Engelin Teh Practice LLC for my mentor attachment. It was a medium-sized firm, mainly specialising in family litigation and conveyancing. I remember the first thing Christina, the paralegal whose office we shared, said, “Guys we have new interns!” It was rather surprising to see the lawyers’ tired, jaded looks when I stepped into the office that morning, but I guess that’s what being a lawyer does to you. They told us so many stories of difficult clients and disgruntled bosses, staying up working all night(without going home!) at the office in the middle of case, plans having to change according to…

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