Why I hate texting

Why I hate texting

I really hate texting. Especially Whatsapp texting. I hate knowing how people ignore your messages. I hate waiting for messages. I hate how easy it is, in a group chat to hide behind the chat and not reply and stuff. But I’m obviously not angry, because I do it alot. Like I get how it’s difficult to reply all the time. But I hate how this whole notion of texting makes not replying this really serious thing. Like you don’t want to be not replied to, but you don’t want to give immediate replies because sometimes you need to think replies through. Then you have to apologise which sucks because it’s this whole problem with the world– the need for immediacy.

No idea why I’m writing this post, I’m not irked in any way. Just a thought. I remember how I used to like certain boys and await their replies. Like honestly why am I even doing that? We don’t really pay attention to when we reply and stuff, so the timing of the reply shouldn’t be a concern? It’s such a waste of time. Like so one-sided. It’s so easy to count the minutes of their reply here, and it’s so easy to lose minutes on the other end because one’s simply too budy to reply (which is justified, of course). It’s just this whole reply-waiting for reply thing that makes me annoyed. Because they cannot be reconciled, and it makes us all hypocrites in a way.

Damn the world and its immediacy. Damn those blue ticks. Damn those last-seen.

This a pact to myself– don’t ever count the minutes to replies, anymore. It’s annoying and useless and an utter waste of time. Ok goodbye confused thoughts I need to start on my work. Though its 10.23 and I don’t feel like working because I’ve been working the entire week and I’m so tired. Maybe I should sleep.



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