MBTI (a.k.a the most fun thing on earth)

MBTI (a.k.a the most fun thing on earth)

I have no idea why I’m dedicating a post to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but I just find all those posts on the different MBTI so funny and accurate. Okay, not all, but most. My friend Odette recently introduced me to the world of MBTI Tumblr and stuff, and I’m having a really great time reading all those posts. I find it really refreshing; it helps you rationalize your thoughts and emotions, and put, into words, your feelings about a lot of things. In addition, when you read all these posts about possible “reactions” that people with different MBTI have when faced with particular scenarios, it makes you feel like you belong. It’s just– to be able to find a community of such similar people– just wow!

(Disclaimer: the following text includes a lot of information on my MBTI. Please don’t take it as a sign of my conceitedness; it’s just for me to rationalize my traits and understand how my MBTI suits me. And it’s also to keep a record of my life, my ups and downs, current feelings etc which would be interesting when I read this 10 years later and see how much I’ve changed.)

Since I’m an ESTJ (Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging), I do have a lot of problems understanding how I feel. I used to think I understand myself a whole lot, but I realized that I spend a lot of time trying to unpack feelings, emotions. I find it extremely uncomfortable to be faced with a whirlwind of emotions; I feel the need to sort them out, discover where they belong, and try eliminate them. I don’t think I have the “coldness” and “passiveness” of many ESTJs; yet, I think I’m still an archetypal ESTJ since I have this impulsive need to sort all my thoughts out. I’m not the neatest person, but I think a lot of it has to do with how busy I am. I can’t study without a clean table (and so I go out and study sometimes), and when I’m faced with, say, quite a few nice songs, I get really confused and have to make a list to decide on my favorite song. I mean, I have to know  what to answer if someone asks me for my favorite song!

Anyway, back to my views on MBTI posts. They are just so amazing! So ON POINT! For example, I recently encountered this block of text (from http://myersandbriggs.tumblr.com/post/124988551776/to-all-the-types-how-do-you-deal-with-crushes) on how ESTJs react with they like someone.

As an ESTJ, we are not shy when we like someone. Many a time, I have kept feelings hidden for a while, but someone would have to be blind to not realize when I like someone. I talk to them with any opportunity that presents itself, and try to get deep and personal with them from the very beginning. We try to get their attention, or make them laugh. While we are extroverted, we also value certainty. So, we don’t initiate the first move unless the other person is for sure into us, in an effort to spare our own feelings. For many months we’ll continue to vie for our crush’s attention, and if we get it and a conversation strikes up- we’ll no doubt make an attempt to get their phone number/Instagram/etc. if there are no sure signs our crush is into us, we admire from afar until we gain the courage to (finally) admit our feelings to our crush. Although we don’t share our feelings often, when we do there is no holding back. 100% honesty, about our feelings (which many people don’t like.) When we finally admit to our crush, we basically spell it out for them that we want a romantically involved relationship. Otherwise, we think “what’s the point of going through this if we’re not on the same page?”

Ha! Ha! This sums up an ESTJ’s emotions perfectly! What’s the point of going through this if we’re not on the same page? Why put yourself into hurt and destruction, when you know nothing will happen? Why throw it all away for someone you won’t even talk to in 10 years? It’s not worth it.

Sometimes, in my darkest moments, these posts really help. When I’m in dire need of rationalizing (my thoughts and feelings), these posts put you on the right path and give you back the emotions that you are finding/desire to have. It really really helps. I feel a lot less conflicted because it sums up perfectly my inner voice. MBTI is not only a test of who you are; it’s also a test of who you want to be and what you value. I value rationality. So when rationality can’t find me, I’ll find rationality. It makes life a lot less painful, makes my heart hurt less, and makes me happier. And it will not destroy friendships, which I value and love so much.

So there goes. MBTI. A test that can show you where you truly belong, and makes you feel like you belong.

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