My list of likes and dislikes

My list of likes and dislikes

This is one of those days where I’m utterly overwhelmed by feelings, and feel the need to organise my thoughts, my likes and dislikes. I suppose the need to organise and get all my opinions in order is very characteristic of an ESTJ (which I am, obviously). This list is more for myself than anybody, but it can also serve as a recommendation for certain things, such as songs.

Date: 13/7/2016

Fav French Rapper: Black M

Fav French Singer: Kendji Girac

Fav song: Sur ma route, I took a pill in Ibiza

Fav classical musicians: 2cellos (cello), Anne Akiko Meyers (violin)

Fav classical songs: Oblivion (Piazzolla), Czardas (Monti), Liebesleid (Kreisler, Rachmaninoff)

Fav versions: Oblivion (2cellos/Hauser), Czardas (2cellos), Libesleid (Anne Akiko Meyers)

Fav movie: The Imitation Game, Up in the air

Fav sitcom of all time: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Fav actors: Liam Neeson, Benedict Cumberbatch

Actors that I think are also very talented: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, George Clooney

Fav author: JK Rowling

Fav Hogwarts house: Slytherin/Ravenclaw

Fav HP pairing: Dramione (only they are smart enough for each other)

Fav ice-cream flavors: Hokey Pokey (NZ), Caramel biscuit and cream (Haagen Daz)

Fav/least fav river: Vltava

Fav lake: Tekapo

Fav city: Singapore, New York

Fav country: Singapore

Fav sport: Football

Fav footballer: Cristiano Ronaldo

Fav club ranking: 1) Real Madrid 2) Arsenal 3) Man city

Fav English singers: Sam Smith and Michael Bublé

Fav carol: Feliz Navidad




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