10 reasons why I can’t wait to leave high school school

10 reasons why I can’t wait to leave high school school

I’m supposed to be doing my literature IA now, but I think I really need a mental break and a way to vent my frustration (not at lit) so here goes… 10 reasons why I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT to leave high school.

Being viewed more as an individual, and as an equal, a citizen.

Maybe it’s because I live in an asian society, where the social hierarchy is very rigid; I do feel that as a high school student, I am treated a lot worse than as a, say, university student. I’m the first person they will chase out of cafés when I wear my school uniform, although I’ve only been there for about 20 minutes and have ordered a Venti frappe. I don’t get good service when I  go out. I have to live with the constant fear of being asked for the name of my school by a member of a public. People, especially school officers, always treat me like a kid. They think it’s ok to nag / insult / make me feel like I’m worthless / make me feel like I’m begging / make me feel desperate, especially through constant denial.

Being 18, such treatment is really hard to accept.

Having the freedom to pursue to course I want to study

I’ve been increasingly aware of how uninterested I am in certain school subjects. I have never felt this way before; I suppose it’s really due to the fact that I am just cognizant of how unrelated these subjects are to my future course of study and career.

Being able to write what I want

I cannot take this constant fear anymore, of writing something that is controversial, and not being able to get into the college I want, or even getting a bad recommendation letter from my teachers. I don’t mean incendiary content, just criticism of certain things I am extremely unhappy about.

No more ridiculously strict school rules

Uniform, hair color etc.

No more conduct grades

This is something that has brought me much pain in the past few weeks. It really makes me upset how a person who doesn’t really know me can “rate” my character and my perceived behavior. I am literally, like a slave, to other people’s perceptions. I don’t really believe in all that talk about being yourself, who cares what people think, etc. I used to, but not right now. Because what people think can actually make or break your college chances, or even your grades.

No more non performance-related scoldings

Like scoldings for behavior.

More freedom as to how I want to behave

I personally don’t see this as a problem brought about by institution, but I feel that other high school people around me seem to have very fixed ideas on how one should act, all the hushing and shushing and don’t do this and don’t do that. I have had enough. Maybe it has to do with the knowledge that we are still in a school, that people think that there is a certain way to act and try to police the behavior of others. Of course, there are school rules and a proper conduct to uphold, but even those don’t restrict everything. I’m not trying to be hypocritical by asserting my view, but one must understand that a lot of things in the world are social-constructs; as long as they do not take away the rights of others, we are free to do what we want.

Being able to date

I want to be able to meet mature individuals in society, who want more than a sweet face and a soft demeanor. Plus, I am not allowed to date until I’m out of high school.

To truly start experiencing life

I want to learn new languages, live in France/Francophone countries for a bit on my own to improve my french, travel,  go to Madrid to watch Real Madrid, without having to constantly worry about how much I have to study during the holidays to have an easier life the next school year.

I want to be responsible for myself and my own decisions

I want to do what I want, and being responsible for the consequences. In other words, I want to experience independence at its finest.


I hope I don’t sound like a spoiled/immature kid. This is cathartic, that’s all.


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