I have no idea why I’m writing this at all. But writing is therapeutic and it helps one to think, I suppose, so I’ve decided to go ahead with this rather meaningless post! šŸ™‚


The very term spells trouble.

Their glittering image, their irresistible humour

Which grabs you like a vice, leaving you gasping for air

Hypnotising you with your own desire, as you are controlled by your own emotions

they fill you with contentment, warmth, yearning, love.

but beneath it all, a sadness. Desperation

For it will be unrequited


Sometimes, I really hate having celebrity crushes. They never really go away, and they are so pointless! They make me real hollow inside, especially when I come to a realisation that I am not ever going to talk to them for extended periods of time, much less get together with them. It’s just- it’s not about being special enough to catch their attention. There is simply no opportunity to connect with them. I am reminded of this sad fact every time I go for a meet-n-greets. All that daydreaming about looking into their eyes and catching their attention (it’s silly, I know. Even if this were to happen in real life, it will never be me. There are wayyyyyyy better looking, thinner, hotter, smarter, outgoing and sociable girls out there, and if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna be them) proves to be entirely useless, for meet-and-greets only ask for a few seconds. Plus, friends, however precious they are, are not one-of-the-kind, and therefore it is impossible that celebrities would want to simply be friendsĀ with you; they want something more. Celebrity crushes make you lose loads of time and puts you through even greater emotional turmoil; they make you feel defeated,uncomfortable, and depressed. Sometimes they even make you feel as if it’s pointless to live, turning you into a nihilistic person.

The worst thing of having a celebrity crush, I believe, is that it gives them a power over you and your life. First, an insidious and relatively figurative one, for they ‘control’ your emotions, and potentially, decisions. Next, looking back at my former celebrity crushes, I realised that at that point of time, I would probably agree to everything they say.

I can’t hate liking a celebrity more. Yet, it’s so difficult to help it as most of us only see the perfect side of them, and they are, well, indeed, perfect.


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