Ramblings to my Crush

Ramblings to my Crush

I wish I could know you

your life

who you truly are

Not just a name, a name isn’t enough

I wish we could be friends.

But we are so very different, aren’t we?

We hail from different lands, literally. We aren’t even of the same race!

And you’re so smart, while I’m not.

Do you know how hard I’ve tried, just in hope of matching up to you? Because I know otherwise you would look down on me, and I know you probably do. It’s difficult, being in love with a genius; I am reminded of my inability every day and my incapability to be an equal to you. It’s difficult, because I doubt I’ll ever be good enough for you.

Sometimes, I wish there could be a miracle, where we can meet and become friends. But that seems beyond unlikely. I have hoped to see you in malls too, and actually get to talk to you and know you, but it’s funny how big this country can be when we need it to be small.

Sometimes, I wonder what you think of me. Not much, I suppose. I don’t expect you to. We don’t know each other at all. And our abilities are separated by a gulf. Our family backgrounds too. Why would you want to know me anyway?

I wish we could be together. But that is merely a useless wish. My heart’s breaking day by day, by the futility of it all.

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