Life’s hard

Life’s hard

Life’s hard.

Life’s hard when you’ve got

So much to do

And so little time

Life’s hard when you face unkindness

That sends a trill down your spine.

Life’s hard when you feel that no one cares

Life’s hard when your closest friends are so far away

From you.

So far that you can’t talk to

When you need to

Life’s hard, when you’ve got no one

To tell your feelings to.

Because your friends are so far away

And they can’t understand

What you’re going through

Life’s hard when you miss your friends so much

With the security

And the constancy of friendship

And life.

Life’s hard when a close friend

Becomes less than a stranger.

I track my birthday wishers, too.

Life’s hard when you don’t have

The emotional durability

To endure pain

To endure hurt

To show that you truly do not care

Life’s hard when you realize that some roads

Are meant to be walked alone

No one can brave it with you


They can only stand by you

And support you


Show a little kindness

Life’s hard when you’ve got too much to handle

but you’ve got too little to do so.

Life’s hard when you admit defeat.

That you have lost everything you’ve got.

That you ain’t good enough.

Life’s hard when you’re down.

It always is.


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