Stop Cursing in Public

Stop Cursing in Public

I am sitting in a commercial centre as I write this. And around me, are noises. Not just regular noises though, in fact, they are more of sharp interjections lined with vulgarities and f-bombs.

I can’t say I don’t curse. I do it occasionally with a slip of the tongue as I sink into a fit of fury. But I definitely don’t do it loud, in a public area filled with people who sit around studying, or even worse, with kids that are too young to pollute their ears with such profanity. But young adults (more specifically university students), seem to be at immense ease doing it. And this brings a great deal of alarm to me, because do they actually know how degratory and offensive cursing in public is?
Firstly, the B-bomb. According to the Oxford dictionary, A B**** refers to a spiteful and unpleasant woman, or to refer to someone subservient to another. And there beside me, sit four university students, addressing each other using the B-word easily. I find this not only offensive, but also misgynistic. It is definitely not a nice experience to be a girl, and hear peoole use the B-word all the time. The B-word is supposed to be used to describe extreme cases of women who have presented themselves to be exceedingly ungracious, not to be thrown around so easily and commonly, because it is downright insulting to women who are not. In fact, it is also disrespectful and discriminatory to women to throw around this word so easily, as it is meant for women, in fact, meant to insult women, and now people are treating such a degratory term as lightly as saying ‘toast’ or ‘friend’. Frankly, are your vocabularies so limited that you don’t even know the meaning of the words you use?

Next, the F-bomb. The ultimate profanity that should not be used for any kind of situations unless you really cannot help it. And dear students-sitting-near-me-saying-the-f-word-in-every-sentence, I am sure you can help it to not use it as a noun, adjective, adverb and imperative in every speech. It makes an awful din, and it is not only offensive, but also annoying, for others to hear it. It certainly reflects the failure you are as a student having 12 years worth of English lessons in school if you cannot find an appropriate substitute to f***. It makes me sad, thinking how our education system tries to train us into young, cultured adults, but still we hear vulgarities, and only vulgarities in every sentence.

Lastly, on the general use of profanities. It occurs to me that many of whom uses vulgarities on a regular basis know not the true meaning that it entails. As a child, I have had many people, especially boys, calling other boys f****t, which has got to be the most homophobic and offensive term out there. And now, I see my sister living through the same experience, and a simple question revealed how little her classmates knew about that word. It is honestly heartbreaking to hear that word used on 10-year olds, by 10-year olds, because I am absolutely sure, that at that age, their sexual orientation cannot be defined yet, and it has got to be the most insulting and discriminatory term there exists.
I know how some will say ‘guys will be guys’. I understand, because I have more male family members than the number of kids Jim-Bob Duggar has. But it doesn’t hurt to be a little sophisticated and cultured, or at least keep such words to yourself a little more often, and a little quieter. Or all you’ll do is to ruin someone’a day, like how you guys have ruined mine. I wish you a pleasant day.

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