My favourite football players who are still currently playing.

My favourite football players who are still currently playing.

My favourite football players who are still currently playing.

1. Cristiano
Obviously. That man is a machine. Cristiano Ronaldo has completely re-defined what it means to be a forward. He may not be a striker, but his efficiency in front of goal is amazing, and history has never seen an individual (besides Messi) score that many goals in a single season, and so easily. I also like his work ethic; he is one of the most hardworking players of all time, and is known to arrive at the training pitch four hours before training begins.

2. Benzema

Benzema is seriously one of the most under-rated players of all time. He is constantly overshadowed by Ronaldo, and undeservedly so, because he gives so much to the team. He is unselfish, and while he may not be the prolific goal scorer, he can always be relied upon to give his all (though not always with a goal). He is a madridista, and I hope that he will never leave Real Madrid. I am always very impressed with his performances with Real Madrid and France.

3. Toni Kroos

This man is an excellent passer, efficient and so very German. He has so much technical ability and so calm on the pitch. He is so constant, often there to make sure the ball goes smoothly in the middle of the park

4. Luka Modrić

When Modrić plays, we will most likely not lose. Modrić is truly a midfield maestro, and can always be relied upon to give a good performance; he is so consistent. I just hope he wouldn’t get injured so often; to be honest, if Modrić were to be well all the time, I am pretty sure we might just win the treble.
4. James Rodriguez
When Real Madrid first bought him, I had many reservations. We just don’t need him. Yet, he has proven again and again that he is indeed magical, and he gives our team invincibility. His play is so beautiful,and so are his goals.

5. Mesut Oezil

What a great great player. I do get irritated at times when he walks, but he is extremely creative and when he ‘comes alive’, Arsenal gets the most amazing goals. His vision (not sure if it’s due to his big eyes) is amazing.

6. Ramos

He’s so versatile as player. His defensive abilities are not always top notch, but he did give us 92.48

7. Suarez

I honestly think that Suarez is an amazing player, except for the fact that he joined Barcelona. Since this is a list of my favourite players, I will obviously not put Messi in, however much I acknowledge is talent (he’s amazing!). Suarez is different; I started liking him when he was in Liverpool but while he can be barbaric at times, his play is amazing, he’s just incredible. In fact, I was so upset that he got that long ban that I wrote to Fifa (like many others) but Fifa didn’t reply (predictably).

8. Lahm

I love Lahm’s playing, his efficiency, his consistency, his collectedness. He has really gone a long way from a player whom nobody wanted to a weltmeister.

9. Di Maria

He’s really creative and determined. And he was the reason why I started liking Argentina. He wasn’t as good at Man U, maybe it’s because he never really wanted to go there.

10. Alexis Sanchez

cool guy. score goals. humble.


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