Lessons watching futbol has taught me

Lessons watching futbol has taught me

This article was written quite some time ago, back in the world cup days! I think I’ve made a mistake in posting previously so here it is, finally!

Hey Guys! I’m back! I was real busy these couple O’ months, so I couldn’t write much! I’m still rather busy now, but this is something that has been on my mind for quite a while…

Alright. So Fifa season has officially ended. And like many futbol fans, I am currently feeling a sense of loss. Gone are the days where I can lurk around doing nothing the whole day, because 4am matches have officially made me a zombie. Now, it’s time for proper work. A.K.A normal life. 
I have never intended to immerse myself so deeply in the world cup. I was previously only a fan in name. My favorite club was/is Real Madrid, but only because Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka were in it. I watched the world cup back in 2010, just to hear their names called out when they put a few touches on the ball. I had the Jambulani, Match Attax and all the other merchandise and I probably appreciated them more than the ‘beautiful game’ itself! 
Yet, as I grew older, the novelty of looking at them, finding out more about them sort of wore off, and when the Brasil2014 rolled round the corner, I wasn’t extremely keen on watching it. Fortunately, I had a chance to come across a friend who was an immense football fan herself. I was overseas in Hong Kong for a school trip with her, when the world cup started and since none of the programs on TV interested me, I decided to watch the world cup with her. And boy, was that one of the best decisions I have made!
I used to think that futbol was a very difficult game to understand and to follow, and only people who do sports, especially futbol, would know how to watch it. But through watching with her, I realised that there was no point thinking ‘how’ to watch it, and the best way to do it is just simply get on with it. As long as you immerse yourself in the game, you will be able the understand it perfectly. Through comments like ‘their defense is good’, ‘gooaaall-nooo’, my friend brought me into the world of futbol, a world that will not see the back of me anytime soon!
So I watched. And watched. And watched even more. Argentina soon became my favorite team, as I felt an ounce of sympathy and desperation watching them struggle to score a goal and get past Iran, despite possessing the ball for a large part of the game. I was also extremely impressed by Messi, for I could see how his ‘frustration’ often turned into decisive goals. Argentina was quite an average team; there were only a few who were rather outstanding, like Messi, Lavezzi, Mascherano, especially Mascherano (Update: I found out that he was from Barca afterwards so perhaps that explains his prowess), Zabaleta, Di Maria (MADRIDISTAS LOVE DI MARIA)… Yet, I guess, one’s favorite team doesn’t have to be the strongest team, some teams just has this insidious effect on you, perhaps due to their playing style, their determination and perseverance ( Like Argentina during the Holland v. Argentina match). And as I watched, I finally understood why futbol is called the ‘beautiful game’. It can stir many emotions in you; Happiness, disappointment, adrenaline, anger, something that many sports cannot. And it is also a very tactical game, and it is really fun to see how a clearly better team outsmarts and dominates the other team. I slowly became truly interested in the sport. Yes, I was still interested in players with slightly chiseled features, but I take note of players with real skill more. I started to learn more about tons of players, their clubs, their playing styles as well my Real Madrid. It is just so very interesting, and I am rather in love with it!
Just 3 days ago, the world cup ended. Well, Germany won, but I cannot say much about that as they were, and are good. Messi didn’t shine, Di Maria couldn’t play due to injury, it just wasn’t their time. And in retrospect, I started to develop a feeling of dread as I looked at Germans rejoicing. So they’ve had their victory. But me? A terribly messed up schedule, and some wasted time. But as I thought about it. I could learn a very important lesson from them. Of course, to think of it, it seems that I have just given my time and energy to a team who probably won’t know my name, for a victory can never be shared with me. Yet, through their victory, I have seen the fruits of their labor. With hard work, there will be a day, where success is ours, and for them, it is today. Their victory is what we see, and their hard work isn’t. They have toiled for many years, shed many tears, before they could clinch the ‘holy grail’, and they deserved it. If I want my dream to come true like theirs, I must be willing to work hard, just like the Germans, because nothing comes without hard work and a little *tinkle* and only with the right amount of effort, will we then be rewarded. 

There there. This is what watching futbol has taught me.


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