Stories (I)

Stories (I)

Hey guys! From now on, I will post stories, or events, that I have come across in my life- like those that have touched me, and those that have made me learn a thing or two!

This is a story from my vacation in the US. Honestly, I do feel that Americans are one of the kindest, and warmest people in the world…

The story of good parenting
This happened at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Art or Animation resort. Since the hotel was part of Disney’s group of hotels and the theme park was in vicinity, it provided shuttle services to the theme park. And it was in one of such shuttles, that not only shuttled me to child heaven, but also, my heart, to ‘touching heaven’.

That bus ride was quite a crowded one, since people were visiting from all over the US during their thanksgiving holidays. I was fortunate to be able to find a seat since I was one of the first few who arrived to queue at the bus stop. Then, a man, and two kids got onto the bus and stood in front of ( back facing) of me. He was with some other people, probably friends. As the bus started to move, the older kid, a boy, almost lost his balance, and only with iron grip, on the hand bars, could he stabilised himself . A kind hearted soul, a mother herself, gave up her seat, almost immediately, for him.

Then, the part that took me by surprise. After accepting the seat, the boy immediately turned to his father. “No, Jane* should have it. She deserves it more than me,” he said, while gesturing at his younger sister. His sister thanked him, while his father thumped his back and declared proudly, ” That’s my boy.” Pride shone in his eyes.
The little boy was not more than 8, but he was so kind and loving to his sister, that it was not really possible to not feel your eyes tingle. Why, lots of siblings across the globe just live to fight for each other, while this pair cared for each other instead. This story is certainly hard to forget, for I haven’t seen such good parenting-EVER! I honestly wonder how to teach a kid such that he knows to care for others, and protect those whom he loved the most!

And for the boy? That day, I saw a man in him.

Sophia xoxo

* name not accurate as I forgot her name!
P.S I apologise greatly for the unsophisticated language, I haven’t been in much of a creative, art-sy mood lately!


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