Chinese New Year Sins

Chinese New Year Sins

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting for quite some time- I was really busy and I went for a really long vacation (I will post about it soon!) Anyway, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so I wrote a poem regarding the *ahem* *ahem* food sins of Chinese New Year!!! Honestly, Chinese New Year is a perfect opportunity to get fat as the goodies are all so scrumptious but since they are mostly made of flour, eggs, and sugar, sometimes with a tinge of coconut milk, they are really really fattening and not healthy at all!:-( alright, here goes!

Chinese New Year Sins

Oh Chinese New Year goodies,
stop staring at me.
With your golden smiles,
done so seductively.

Your perfectly tanned skin,
pulls on my heart strings,
Oh, how I yearn to touch,
and caress, your tender skin.

Boy, it’s so hard to resist,
to keep my hands off you.
When you are so deliciously yummy;
my perfect, beautiful baby

Oh, Chinese New Year goodies,
so beautiful yet wicked.
Please save me from my sins!
Oh, save me from my sins!

See you next time! 祝大家新年快乐,恭喜发财,学业进步,马到功成,美梦成真,身体健康!
Xoxo Sophia


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