My trip to the UK ( Part 1 )

My trip to the UK ( Part 1 )

How’s it going guys? It’s me, Sophia, back in action, and ready to roll! Just kidding, and sorry for being a tad too enthusiastic! I am starting a new youtube channel so I am experimentating on different kinds of salutation, though that is not what I’m here to talk about anyway!

I have been missing in action for a while, and I apologise for it! I have been really busy lately, with all the mid term tests and project work! And hey! Guess what? Among my list of all the things that have been keeping me real busy, there’s a trip to UK that I haven’t shared with you yet!
I went on this trip from the 25th of May to the 6th of June ( rather  long right?) to London and Bristol! It was a school trip, and it focused on film studies and art in general! I spent most of the trip in London, with around 3 days in Bristol, and I enjoyed it tremendously, because there is so much to learn, so much to see and experience, which all come together to make a perfectly educational and enjoyable trip!
The flight was around 9pm at night, which wasn’t too bad as I expected a midnight flight! Actually, the day itself was a whirl. I had luggage to pack, things to buy, and not to say a chemistry competition to take part on that day!( It was quite disappointing we didn’t win though, as the reason why the power car didn’t work was due to experimental errors!) Obviously, there was a lot of screaming here and there, as my mom worked her butt off to get everything on the checklist checked. Well, I must admit. I did a little sleeping! But hey! Everyone’s got a reason to be tired eh?! And i packed most of my luggage! Thanks Mom anyway!
The flight we took was an Emirates flight, to Dubai, where we make our transfer to Heathrow Airport. It was the most pleasant flight. Alright! I suppose I am not being really fair here but I was hopelessly in love with one of the flight attendants. He was a really funny guy, and not to say absolutely dashing! He had nicely combed black hair, with a few big, wavy locks, and he wore a pair of big, black-framed glasses! I was surprised that Caucasians can work at a foreign airline so I asked him whether he was from Dubai. Turns out, he was Australian, and quite a hilarious one too! He gestured at the stewardess who was on the same shift and told me she was middle eastern, which was quite funny as the stewardess ‘wacked’ him and went like “Stop it, I’m Singaporean!”  Yet, the worst thing is that I have NO IDEA AT ALL what his name is. Now I can’t even try to look him up on Facebook. Feeling real sorry for myself now!
The flight to London was quite an uneventful one, except I beat one of my schoolmates in Reversi and was suddenly overwhelmed with excitement( not due to my victory!) Around 1 hour to landing, the realisation that i was indeed heading to the land of dreams, the land of excitement, the land of sugar, spice, cute guys and everything nice suddenly hit me. All the British youtubers I have been falling head over heels for, all the food from those books that made my stomach growl with longing, all the movies, all the books like Harry Potter, all the fashion and the fabulousness — I AM going to the place all these have originated from, where they belong. And seeing the places. Seeing what they see. Feeling what they feel, tasting whatever fills their tummy. For real. And that stuff can really get you super hyped and trust me, I squirmed for over an hour! Thinking about London, is a dream. Going there, it’s a dream come true.

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