End of SYF

End of SYF

Wow! I haven’t updated for a long time!
So finally, we finished our SYF today! I am so exhausted! At least I got some time off lessons, or else I wouldn’t be able to finish my revisions for French test tomorrow! My legs are aching so bad, I have no idea how I am going to run 2.4 tomorrow! I do hope the teacher will accept my mom’s letter;)
Well, SYF wasn’t too bad. At least we didn’t make repeated mistakes and tried our best. It wasn’t really the best though, but you know, at least we tried. I am not really happy with myself as I didn’t really go imagine the northern lights or whatsoever. I was so focused on doing everything correctly, like the technicalities of it all. Everytime I want to imagine something, my mind will bombard me stuff like ” hey, here p”. I was also focusing way too much on Ms Tham’s hand, to be the same as her beat. ( I do have a tendency to rush!). Oh well:(
So now I am free from CCA for 2 weeks. Thank you teachers and conductors, I really need this time to catch up with my studies! Then finally I can sleep early everyday and concentrate better during lessons!!!
So, that’s it! Bye guys, Math test on Friday, French tomorrow <—— need to mug arghhhhhh

FYI: for people who think I am a mugger because I was asking math questions after SYF and revising outside Audi, you can't be more wrong. The only reason I am mugging is because I don't want to fail math test <—- which with my current standard I probably will:( I am merely doing work that should be done LONG AGO.

SYF has made Sophia a really tired and worn-out girl. I do look forward to a nice break=D

Xoxoxo Sophia


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