To my secret crush

To my secret crush

I think many people already know who he is. Nevertheless, I am going to post a poem I have written for him here. For those who still don’t know, here’s a clue: he is super cute!

You dark eyes
Are wells
Deep hollows
Of wisdom and kindness

You name imprinted
On my innermost desires
Carved, emblazoned
Deep in my heart

Oh how I hope,
But hope can only
Bring me this far.
To be a friend
To be known
To be accepted

But alas!
Fate is the devil
Cutting ties

From now I can only
Look, peer, watch
On an island far away
Never seen
Never seen

Okay it’s lame. I actually read it to quite a few people and there was this person who asked if I was following any structure. Well, actually free-versed poems don’t need to follow any meter. So, there goes!


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