Adam Lambert’s concert pt 2

Adam Lambert’s concert pt 2

It was generally okay I guess. He has a great voice and I was going bonkers when he sang my favourite ones, like cuckoo, if I had you and trespassing! But what disappointed me the most was that he didn’t really interact with us, and when the lights went back on, I was super surprised! I didn’t even know it was over. But he is amazing, and I think he didn’t try. I suppose this is because of some person commenting on his homosexuality, which wasn’t very nice. He talked about it and told us he was spreading and promoting love, acceptance and music and everyone was like ‘yeah!’ haha like some rally! But it was obvious he was affected by it as he wouldn’t bring it up again otherwise.
I have to admit, I am now bonkers over him. I bought his cd and oh gosh the songs are simply amazing. Well too bad he can’t love me back… 😦

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