Adam Lambert’s concert pt 1

Adam Lambert’s concert pt 1

I am on my way to Lambert’s concert! Oh gosh so excited! I know it’s gonna be fabulous! I can’t stop telling my friends about it. I even wrote ‘glambert’ on my arm! Well, that was before I realised I was gonna wear long sleeves! Never mind…it’s the thought that counts anyway ^^
Adam lambert is like my favourite male artist! He is the epitome of cool. Every time you’d think of him, glitzy and glamorous can definitely be associated!

The music, the yells
The screams, the cheers
It’s gonna be a big night
For me and for my ears

Neon light sticks
Emblazoned and bright
A must buy
Even if the price is rocket high

The train roars
The concert screeches closer
The tickets ready
It’s time to cheer

Prepare for this big night
For adam’s gonna jam it right
And show you what’s cool
And show you what’s cool.

Okay, it’s a short and stupid poem alright! I do love crafting poems. It’s fun. And writing. Especially prose. I can boldly admit that none of them are good, but hey, there is nothing to lose by making up a small little rhyme that forever captures my feeling-of-the-moment, is there? 🙂

That’s all for now. I will get back with you guys after the concert and share all the juicy bits. Until then, cheerio! Sophia x


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