Nichole’s Birthday Party

Nichole’s Birthday Party

Today, i went to Nichole’s birthday party! She is a really good and close friend of mine, my best in fact! It was really fun! It was held in Orchard Parade Hotel, in the K Suites, which is mainly like k box – except much much larger. All the girls came, so did Jiayang, Keith, Huanzhang, Hong Yi, Matthew and Chin Hui. Her cousins were also there-Jarren and Jasper and almost everyone was smitten with them. I kinda think they are rather good looking too, but they weren’t really my type. I played billiards( the guys were quite nice, they didn’t say much when I snatched the stick from them) and wii. I met her other cousin (Goesh) too! He was real cute! And her sis is just PLAIN AWESOME! We were just fooling around, singing songs, playing games and just talking. The boys were then made to sing and i forced them to sing “what makes you beautiful” and “Just the way you are” So funny! Then we sang the birthday song with the most wonderful birthday “cup”cake EVER! After that, they filmed Harlem Shake and we played some icebreaker games. Jasper and Jarren like Sara! They wanted her phone number( call her maybe?). It is truly a riveting experience I will never forget!

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