Feb 2013 Diaries

Feb 2013 Diaries

I won’t really consider this a “memory”, just odd happenings day to day…:)

18 feb
Today was quite relaxed. I suppose that is because none of my teachers actually taught work with a heavy content, so the stuff is more or less manageable. I had an essay outline test today. Funny thing is, there isn’t anything that was really related to what I studied. I am gonna screw it up for sure:( We then had Chinese, where the teacher asked for people to join the bilingual debate. I was quite excited for it. My teacher put it to a vote and naturally, I wasn’t chosen. Next, there was a revote for the next two seats. It was quite funny because I had the most votes in the “revote” at first, before the revote actually started. Well, for some reason or the other, the tables were turned and I ended up getting really few. I can’t say I am really happy with the results, because for anyone who knows me, I do love debating and fighting for my opinion. I think the teacher felt sympathetic and she told me I have priority, if I want to go, since I got one of the most votes the previous round. NO THANKS. I don’t want to represent a bunch of people who don’t want to be represented by me. It must be that they don’t think my ability is good enough, and thus voted me out. I don’t want to be a sore loser who still insists on winning although the stats say the opposite. Most importantly, the winner had won fair and square and it is not up to me to take away his chance. If the voters didn’t take it seriously, so be it. I really couldn’t care less. I ended up being the MC instead because I thought it will be fun.
After school, we had group-tionals rehearsal. It was quite fun. My seniors and batch mates helpes me out a lot. I think my rhythm is slightly better now!:) I also lost my score to the wind. It landed on the roof of some sheltered walkway and it rained. Oh well:P
So excited for Nic’s party. It’s gonna be WILD!
~Over and out~


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