Safe Haven

Safe Haven

It is quite a good movie! I thought it might be boring, like dear John. Though it lacked a tad of flavour at the start, the fight is still pretty intense!

*spoiler alert*

It is mainly about this woman who was running away from someone. She boards a bus, which takes her to this small fishing town. There she meets Alex, the guy who runs some store, and befriends his daughter. She lives in a small house in the woods(for seclusion) and also meets Jo. We are also shown that she is a wanted fugitive, as a police officer and trying very hard to find her. At night, the woman has bad dreams, in the form of flashbacks. She looked like she killed a man by stabbing him. Next, the police officer threatens a lady to tell more about her. She refused. He then submitted a warrant for the woman’s arrest, labelling her a first degree murderer.

The police officer’s boss then finds out and fires him. Turns out, he was always drunk and the woman is his wife. He abused his power to find her. He then started to drive a long way( after forcing the lady to tell him her address to find her)

Meanwhile, Alex sees the warrant and confronts the woman. Alex breaks up with her. She rides back home, feeling really sad, and then trips. We then see a flashback of her and her husband, the drunk police officer, sharing a pie. The officer then gets angry for no particular reason and hit her. In an attempt to defend herself, she stabs him and then ran away.

The next day, the woman tries to leave, so Alex will be safe. Yet, Alex stops her with a kiss and promises to protect her. Some days later, she is left home with Lexi, Alex’s daughter. The police man suddenly came to find her. She told him she is home and asks him to leave. He seems okay with the rejection. However, she sees him spraying the wooden deck with gasoline. To stop him, she asks Lexi to stay at the attic of the house and went down to tell him she will go home with him. As he was about to kiss her, she throws him into the river. Just then, some sparks from the fireworks fell onto the deck, starting an inferno. Lexi screams for help. Alex saw the fire at a distance and went to save Lexi. At the same time, the police officer suddenly emerged and attacked the woman. They started to fight, with him threatening to shoot. As they were wrestling, he opens fire, and she ducks, so he ended up killing himself. Lexi is saved. Then they lived, happily ever after, except that she received this letter and found out Jo is a spirit of his previous wife!

Not bad, overall. Josh Duhamel is freaking hot!










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